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Latest issue of Lutheran Theological Journal out now
13 August 2017

The latest issue of Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ) offers a diverse range of articles of pastoral, spiritual and theological interest.

Andrew Pfeiffer opens by reflecting on the words of faith and how these are communicated in the words of everyday life. His article is of interest to everyone engaged in instructing people of all ages in the faith.

Teem-Wing Yip takes us into the gritty and challenging reality of the premature deaths of our aboriginal sisters and brothers in Central Australia. Reactive pastoral care for the dying and grieving is not enough, she argues, when Lutheran theology could be pro-active in the area of living and health.

Continuing the theme of suffering and grieving, Stephen Pietsch offers us a small insight into his research on Luther’s thoughts on this topic. Those who are interested in learning more are encouraged to purchase and read his book (see the May 2017 issue for a review).

Matthias Prenzler takes us verse by verse through one of Paul Gerhardt’s evening hymns, showing how it is a sung devotional meditation that in both rhythm and content reflects and deepens Luther’s evening prayer.

Thomas Pietsch turns to a reflection on the recently deceased anthropologist René Girard, showing how his theory about the scapegoat and religious violence led him to theological insight about the uniqueness of the Christian scriptures and the theology of the cross.

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