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2018 annual appeal launched
1 June 2018

This year's annual appeal material has been sent to Lutheran congregations and parishes Australia-wide. The packages should arrive in the post or via an ALC staff member, student or willing volunteer in the next week or so. If your package does not arrive, please let the Principal’s Office at ALC know via email: Likewise, if your congregation requires more envelopes than those that have been sent, please let us know.

The theme for this year’s appeal is taken from Psalm 119:105, Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. God’s word constantly lights our path. It supplies us with direction for living our lives and it is through the teaching of God’s word at ALC that our students find their pathway to service within the Church and its schools. You may be interested in viewing the short video clip put together by ALC Principal, Pastor James Winderlich, which promotes the 2018 appeal. See

Donations to this year’s appeal will not only assist the College in running its regular education program, but will also provide for the development of customised, dispersed learning opportunities that extend well beyond previous geographical bounds. In short, ALC seeks to engage with the church, wherever the church lives and serves.

Donations made to the College are tax deductible, and for online donations it's as easy as clicking on the link below the appeal banner on our website’s home page.

Your donations are vitally important to ALC’s work and your support is greatly appreciated.