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ALC is on a journey
14 January 2019

As many of you would be aware, ALC is on a journey – a journey shaped and directed by the implementation of our Strategic Direction, which was developed by ALC’s Board of Directors in consultation with the College’s stakeholders and approved by the General Church Council in June 2017. 

While valuing the LCA’s strong and successful tradition of theological education and vocational formation, this document addresses the need for change and sets the College on a pathway to becoming a learning community for a changing church in a changing world. An essential value embedded within our Strategic Direction is growing engagement with all stakeholders, both internal and external. For the College, the ultimate aim of this, is growth in enrolments. For the Church, the aim is to grow a body of well-prepared people to diversely serve in and through the contemporary Lutheran Church.

As ALC implements its new Strategic Direction, it is restructuring internally, reviewing and expanding its course offerings and modes of delivery and adapting its teaching methods. Plans are underway to expand our distributed learning model to include all streams of learning offered by the College, so that we can partner with the church in its many, diverse local contexts.

Going forward, a new and flexible model of teaching envisions a college without walls: locally based, nationally coordinated and globally connected.

ALC’s Strategic Direction is guided by the principle of ‘learning for life’ or life-long learning. In essence, what this means, is that in the future, ALC will respond to the training needs of the church sooner (through internships/VET studies), deeper (through higher education studies and research) and for longer (through postgraduate studies, continuing education and professional development and vocational development offerings.)

An exciting development supporting this concept in the last Synodical period, has seen ALC take on the administering of the Church’s Continuing Education for Pastors program in partnership with the LCA’s Church Worker Support Department. Plans are now well underway to expand this program to include continuing education for all church workers.

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