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Promotions at Synod
11 March 2019

The Synod season is underway. Each year ALC representatives travel to the many District Pastors’ Conferences and Synods held throughout the LCA. We do it because our connections with LCA people are very important to us. We want to meet you, the people of the church, and hear about your many challenging and exciting, difficult and exhilarating mission and ministry experiences. Those connections help us to understand the diverse contexts that our graduates will serve in.

We also want you to get to know us. We are passionate about our service and we want you to hear about it for at least two reason. The first is, every single one of our graduates draws our attention to God’s faithfulness to the LCA. The Lord of the harvest has always been faithful in preparing and sending workers into the harvest, even when our times might seem so discouraging to us. Secondly, we serve on your behalf. Congregations, schools, and aged and community care facilities can’t train the servants that they need on their own. It’s something that we, as the LCA, do together. That’s ALC’s mission: to prepare God’s servants—pastors, teachers, church workers and volunteers of all kinds—to serve and lead with confident Christian faith, integrity, competence and compassion in a diverse and changing denomination and world.

We would love to meet you, and it doesn’t need to be limited to synods. If you would like an ALC representative to visit your school, community and aged care facility, congregation, parish or zone please contact us. With enough notice there is every possibility that we can have one of our community members pay your community a visit and share wonderful stories of our partnership in the ministry of the gospel. Why not invite us to come and celebrate one of your own special occasions with you?