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Changeover of Board
3 April 2019

Following the 2018 General Convention of Synod and appointment by the General Church Board (formerly called General Church Council), a new group of ALC directors gathered at the College for their first Board meeting on 29 March 2019. This meeting also coincided with ALC’s Annual General Meeting, at which office bearers were elected for the next 12 months. (ALC directors serve a dual role as members of Australian Lutheran College Ltd.)

Following introductions, Bishop Henderson conducted the constituting of the new Board, referencing the Board’s Terms of Reference. The purpose of the Board is to ensure that ALC serves as the theological and educational training facility of the Church in accordance with the objects of the Company as contained in the Constitution of the Company, Australian Lutheran College. The Board is accountable to the Church through the General Church Board.

Welcomed as new directors appointed by the General Church Board were: Ms Cheryl Bartel from Victoria, Ms Glenine Hamlyn from Queensland and Rev Peter Miller from South Australia. Continuing their service on the Board for another synodical term are: Bishop John Henderson, Mr Nathan Klinge (new Board Chair), Rev Greg Pietsch (new Vice Chair), Professor Kristine Gebbie (Secretary) and Mr David Prenzler.

This Board is operating under a new ALC Constitution, adopted at the 2018 Synod. It was developed in order to bring ALC’s governing structures into alignment with the Strategic Direction set by the Board and approved by General Church Council in 2017. The new Constitution is also compliant with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), which is the independent national regulator of charities, with whom ALC is a registered member.

ALC thanks and acknowledges the faithful service of directors not continuing, who served the College over a number of years: Rev David Gogoll (15 years’ service, including 8 years as Chair), Mrs Sue Kloeden (11 years’ service), Mr David Dreckow (5 years’ service) and Rev Rob Paech (5 years’ service).