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Where will your studies take you?
31 March 2015

God calls and prepares each of us for ministry in a different way. For Hanna Schulz, her calling to Bible translation came through contact with Wycliffe Bible Translators at a Lutheran Youth Australia event and was confirmed by six weeks in a remote Papuan New Guinean village with a Bible translator from Texas. Before she came to Australian Lutheran College to complete a BTh as part of following this calling, God had been preparing her in many ways through her career as a mariner on traditional sailing vessels.

Hanna's time at ALC provided her with the theological studies to pursue translation. Biblical languages and exegetical studies are crucial in her current work. This complemented her other studies in anthropology and linguistics. Yet it was not only academic learning that ALC provided, but spiritual maturity and tools to grow and thrive when in a remote setting away from the support of her family, friends and home congregation.

Hanna is now working as a Bible translator in PNG. In her first three years she was privileged to work alongside a dozen different language groups discipling, encouraging and training them as they worked on Bible translation in their own languages. She has now started working with the Kope people in Gulf Province for the long term. This means settling into a village, learning the Kope language, building long term relationships and working with the local translators.