About ALC Research

ALC Research provides resources to serve the wider Australian Lutheran community and its ministries and institutions.

Features of ALC Research:

  • A deep and demonstrated commitment to the Scriptures and Lutheran theology
  • Research of theological, ecclesial, and community interest and relevance
  • Service to the LCA and its activities, e.g. schools, aged care, indigenous ministries, and community care, and others


  • To initiate and support research projects based in Lutheran theology and ethics
  • To promote research activity at ALC
  • To engage in national and international networks of scholarship
  • To build a national and international profile and reputation for research excellence
  • To disseminate research findings widely to the Lutheran community and general public

Expertise offered:

  • Partner with your ministry or agency for short-term or long-term research projects
  • Assist in writing research proposals for your ministry or agency
  • Undertake literature reviews, surveys or statistical studies as part of a research project
  • Find a suitable researcher for a proposed research project
  • Provide access to ethics approval for a research project

Types of research:

  • Surveys
  • Qualitative studies
  • Background research for key decisions and draft documents
  • Assistance in research design
  • Postgraduate supervision
  • Action research projects
  • Performance evaluations
  • Grant and other funding applications