Our application process

When to apply

Most students looking for accommodation in the upcoming year apply for residency following the university open days in August.

If you are about to commence tertiary studies we encourage you to put in your application even before you are accepted into University/TAFE to make sure that you are on our register and we can send you the appropriate documentation. If you miss out on a University/TAFE position just let us know and we will remove you from our register.

We encourage you to take the time to look around our campus with a personalised tour. Please call 1800 625 193 or email residential@alc.edu.au to organise a suitable time.

How to apply

Download the Application Form, pay your Application fee and return the completed form and other required information to residential@alc.edu.au.

All applications will be acknowledged on receipt.

What happens next?

First offers of rooms are made in December. At this time the following forms will be sent to you:

  • Acceptance Form
  • Residential Tenancy Agreement
  • Guardian Guarantee and Indemnity
  • Directory / Media Release Permission
  • College Apparel
You will also receive our Residential handbook.

Securing your room

To accept our offer and secure a room for the following year, you are asked to return the above forms and pay your Residency bond. If we do not receive the bond payment the room will not be held for you.

Acceptance by ALC

Once all the completed paperwork has been received and approved, we will send you a confirmation letter informing you of the date that the college is open to receive arrivals. 

Please note that before you can move in, upfront fees and charges and the first fee instalment must be paid. See our fees pages for detailed information.