Recreation and sport

Recreation facilities

Players using the squash court

Game of netball

Student centre activities

Soccer on the ‘sacred lawn’

Rower in the gymnasium

On each floor of Graebner Hall there is a common room which includes a wall-mounted TV and leather sofas.

Our music room includes two upright pianos. There is also a small baby grand piano in the refectory which can be used by students studying music.

Student centre

The student centre is the hub for social activities where residents can

  • relax with a little music
  • play the piano
  • have a game of table tennis, pool or play on the foosball table
  • sit in the upstairs recreation area and talk to friends
  • watch the large screen TV or a DVD in the downstairs TV area

Next to the student centre there is a barbecue area which is available for residents to use at any time.

Sports facilities on campus

Competition opportunities

There is an enclosed outdoor court for tennis, netball and basketball where we have weekly internal mixed netball matches, organised by the Sports Officer.

We compete in an inter-college netball game and the famous, annual ‘Horrie Packer Cup’ which is played between the ALC students and residential students.

There is also opportunity to join the local Lutheran football team or netball team.

Squash court

Across the lawn from the student centre is the squash court which is very popular with our residents.


A small gym is well-equipped for resident use.

The ‘Sacred Lawn’

The lawned area next to the refectory is used for impromptu games of soccer, cricket or hockey or just sitting on the lawns for some rest and relaxation on a sunny day.

Other recreation facilities in the area

Within walking distance of the college are: