Student welfare

Code of conduct for residential students

To make sure that everyone is able to live happily and comfortably on campus, we have some rules about how residents conduct themselves while living at ALC.

These include requesting that residents:

  • reflect self-discipline in their academic and personal life
  • exercise good taste and propriety in all they do
  • be honest, and show courtesy and consideration to all
  • conform to standards of conduct appropriate within the campus of a Christian community.

Residents need to be aware of guidelines and behavioural standards required of them, and their visitors, under the Residential Student Code of Conduct and the consequences of any breaches to the code.

The college has a responsibility to the Church and a duty of care to ensure that the behaviour of all members of the community reflects the standards required, particularly showing care and consideration for others.


Security is a very high priority. ALC uses the following measures to help keep our residents secure:

  • access to the residential hall can only be gained by swipe cards issued to residents
  • an intercom system advises residents when visitors arrive
  • the residential hall is directly linked to the Fire Department
  • grounds are well-lit
  • security company patrols the grounds at night

Residents are advised to contact the Business Manager (during the day) or the Seniors for any security concerns.