Current residents

End of year information

At the end of each year all residential students need to fill out the 'Residential accommodation end of year information' to advise their next year’s plans.

Those who are not returning to ALC accommodation should ensure sections 3 and 4 are completed, which pertain to the return of the residency bond.

Returning next year

Continued residence at ALC from one year to the next is not automatically guaranteed. A readmission request is required.

Application process

To reapply for the next year, current residents need to:

  1. tick ‘Yes’ under ‘Returning to ALC accommodation’ on the 'Residential accommodation end of year information' form
  2. download and fill out the Residential tenancy agreement for the upcoming year
  3. return completed forms to the Business Manager by the end of October.

Re-admission offers for the following year are officially made in December.

Successful applicants will receive all required forms for residential accommodation.

Acceptance of offer

To accept the offer, signed paperwork needs to be returned to as soon as possible to ensure room allocation.