Join our small, friendly community in North Adelaide

Join our small, friendly community in North Adelaide.

Thomas Newcombe

My name is Thomas Newcombe. I moved to Adelaide from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, ready to start my degree in Physiotherapy, but I had the worrisome problem of having nowhere to stay. I didn't know anyone in Adelaide, and was a worried 18 year old student, just out of  high school. Thankfully, a family friend remembered his good old days of the Australian Lutheran College, where he boarded 20 years ago. Lo and behold, 20 years later, the college was still open, and so I decided to move in.

Moving to ALC has been one of the best decisions of my life. The college is one of the smaller colleges in Adelaide, which is great, because it means everyone knows everyone, and not just by name, or face, but as an actual person. Friendships are made and extend even after friends leave the college when their degrees finish. It's not unusual to meet up with everyone again during a New Year's or mid-semester holiday gathering.

You'll never go hungry at the college, and with a bunch of friendly students to have fun and play sports and games with, you'll never be running out of things to do either. The college offers a 24 hour library for students to study in at any time, complete with computers and internet. It might be a fun college, but study is still our priority. There is a gym and a netball court, both almost always in use, and a friendly bunch of pastoral families just on the other side, always ready to have a BBQ and catch up with us students.

My time at the college has been exceptional. I have grown from a teenager into a young adult here, and am now ready to leave into the busy world of job searching and working. I leave with a confidence I could never have obtained if I had never come to ALC, met the wonderful community and learned what it means to be a Lutheran adult in this large world of ours.

Marlise Slade

My name is Marlise and I am here to tell you that you will not regret the decision to board at ALC for your tertiary education journey, or at least part of it. I began boarding at 'Sem', as it is more commonly referred to by the boarders, in 2015 as I began my Primary Education studies with UniSA. I moved from the country to the city knowing absolutely nothing about public transport, very little about university or boarding colleges, and only knowing a couple of people I was going to be moving in with. This did not last for long. Everyone who comes to board at the Sem is in pretty much the same position, which makes making friends with people so much easier.

The seniors (who are sort of the big brothers and sisters, watching over the boarders) organise amazing, fun, and silly events through which you can bond so quickly with the people you are living with. It sounds cliché but I can honestly say that living at Sem was the best decision I have made; I have formed lifelong friendships, gained more independence, and have made memories I never would have dreamed of before boarding with ALC. We live in the most beautiful and therefore most expensive part of Adelaide but have the luxury of living in the cheapest college you will find.

Boarding at ALC is an opportunity that you simply cannot pass up. The community is unlike any other college you may consider boarding at because we are much smaller and so you can actually get to know everyone you live with by name and find out about who they are. Coming to the end of my time boarding at ALC does not mean it's not still a big part of my life. I will always be back to visit my many friends and of course join in on the awesome event traditions which you will find more about when you board here yourself; they are a highlight of everyone's time at ALC.


Nigel Reichenbach

What makes ALC boarding good? We’re the smallest college in North Adelaide, but that’s what makes us good. The ALC community is a great, tight-knit community based around Christian values, where you know everyone. Yeah, you do go to Uni to study and you can get plenty of that done here. But at the end of the day when the work is done there’s always good times to be had. We have:

  • Great grounds (the sacred lawn)
  • Tennis/netball/basketball courts
  • Student centre with pool table, foosball
  • Squash court
  • Gym
  • Music practice rooms
  • Common rooms
  • Supplied linen
  • Meals 3 times a day, 7 days/week
  • And we’re heaps affordable!