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2016 Opening Lecture

Video of the 2016 Opening Lecture 'Leadership matters: principals, pastors and the mission of Lutheran schools' as presented on Monday 22 February.
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2017 Opening Lecture

Video of the 2017 Opening Lecture 'Preaching schism: why what good people say can have unintended consequences for the Church' as recorded on Thursday 2 March, 2017.
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2018 Opening Lecture

Video of the 2018 Opening Lecture 'The shape of things to come for a church who learns' as presented on Monday 26 February by Rev James Winderlich.
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Australian Lutheran College (ALC) is the tertiary education provider of the Lutheran Church of Australia.
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About ALC e-resources

The Löhe Memorial Library subscribes to a number of E-Journals that are not included on the UD Resources Hub. These are for use by members of the library only and may be accessed using a network login by clicking the following link: ALC e-resources.
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About ALC Research

ALC Research provides resources to serve the wider Australian Lutheran community and its ministries and institutions.
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About Education at ALC

Higher education awards in theology challenge students to think critically about life and faith in the light of biblical and church teaching.
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ALC is a College of the University of Divinity, an approved Higher Education Provider (HEP) under the Higher Education Support Act 2003. This means that the University of Divinity is permitted to offer FEE-HELP to eligible students. 
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About iLearn

iLearn is a Moodle-based interactive online learning environment for all VET students enrolled in the Certificate IV, as well as for training provided through Grassroots Training.
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