Our logo

Theology, as praise of the Triune God, is an essential function of the church.

Australian Lutheran College (ALC) is a learning community of worship and study. Our practice of theology begins in Christ, and results in a response of thanks and praise.

The original design of the logo is vertical, as seen in the image on the right. For reasons of layout and space it has also been converted to a horizontal design. The comments below refer particularly to the original vertical design.

The logo is designed to convey these key concepts:

  • Trinitarian: The 3 flames proclaim our belief in the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Christ-centred: The cross is central and forms the visual base in the graphic. It is also firmly grounded within the word 'Lutheran', highlighting this church's mission to proclaim Christ crucified.
  • Australian: The word Australian and the first flame (or gum leaf shape) share the same shade of eucalyptus green. 
  • Lutheran: The central flame is the focus on the logo. It links in colour and position to the word Lutheran placed below. These elements share a warm blood orange which also indicates the Christ focus of everything ALC undertakes as an intentional ministry of the Lutheran Church.
  • Learning: The last flame and word College share the strong dark blue colour to indicate that ALC place is an institution of learning and discovery.
  • Dynamic: The flames of the logo depict life and movement, to reflect our central purpose. ALC is a worshipping community of many people studying, working, praying and praising God together in order to learn more about what it really means to serve God.
  • Inspirational: The logo is intended to be a point of reflection and inspiration as the eyes of the viewer move around the flames and consider what it means to move forward in Christ.