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Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ), the tri-annual publication of the ALC teaching staff, explores and applies the tradition of the church in ways that are fresh and that engage the issues of today.

LTJ seeks to encourage and challenge its readers—chiefly the pastors, teachers and lay members of the LCA, and the teaching staff and students of theological colleges in Australia and overseas—by keeping them abreast of recent developments in the primary areas of biblical, theological, historical, educational and pastoral studies. It also provides a forum for students of theology to publish the fruits of their research.

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Recent issues

Contents: Volume 51 No 2 (August 2017)

Andrew Pfeiffer

Language matters: speaking the words of faith into daily life


Teem-Wing Yip

Living in the valley of the shadow of death in Central Australia


Stephen Pietsch

Luther’s theology of suffering and pastoral care


Matthias Prenzler

Singing the night away: an analysis of Paul Gerhardt’s Nun ruhen alle Wälder


Thomas Pietsch

René Girard, anthropologist of the cross


Book reviews

Adam Francisco. 2007. Martin Luther and Islam: a study in sixteenth-century polemics and apologetics. (Trevor Schaefer)



Michael A. Lockwood. 2016. The unholy trinity: Martin Luther against the idol of me, myself, and I. (Chelsea Pietsch)



John H. Elliott. 2016. Beware the evil eye: the evil eye in the Bible and the ancient world. Volume 2, Greece and Rome; Volume 3, The Bible and Related Sources. (Victor C. Pfitzner)



Contents: Volume 51 No 1 (May 2017)

The articles in this education-themed edition of Lutheran Theological Journal have been gathered in honour of Ruth Zimmerman, Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching at Australian Lutheran College, 2012-2016.

Ruth Zimmermann

Learning conversations: more than just words


Geoffrey Butler with Ruth Butler

Crucial conversations: a teacher’s journey over 40 years in Lutheran schools


Andrew Jaensch and Merryn Ruwoldt

The gift of Lutheran theology: unwrapping the present


Katherine Bensted

Faith, science and Lutheran schools


Stephen Haar

Re-imaging theological education for the church


Book reviews

Mark W Birkholz, Jacob Corzine and Jonathon Mumme, Eds. Feasting in a famine of the word: Lutheran preaching in the twenty first century (Stephen Pietsch)


Stephen Pietsch. Of Good Comfort: Martin Luther’s Letters to the Depressed and their Significance for Pastoral Care Today (Neale Nuske)



Contents: Volume 50 No 3 (December 2016)

The essays in this tribute edition of Lutheran Theological Journal have been written in honour of Dr Jeffrey Silcock.

Charles P. Arand

The incarnation’s embrace of creation


Oswald Bayer

Middle—beginning and end: Johann Georg Hamann’s comprehensive understanding of nature and history


James Arne Nestingen

Luther on Psalm 51


Hans Schwarz

The omnipresence of the Trinity: a cautious discernment


Risto Saarinen

Lutheran-Orthodox dialogue from 2004 to 2015


Werner Klän

Law–gospel–freedom: a bouquet taken from the Confessions of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church


Book reviews

Frank C. Senn. Embodied liturgy: lessons in Christian ritual (Dan Mueller)



Quentin D. Stewart. Lutheran patristic catholicity: the Vincentian Canon and the Consensus Patrum in Lutheran Orthodoxy (Thomas Pietsch)